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Dominik is an award winning filmmaker based in both New York City and Chicago. Most recently working with YouTube Space as well as NFL Films, he has a diverse production background working with a myriad of clients, both large and small!

Visually creating and entertaining have always been cornerstones of Dominik's character and his work has screened in festivals worldwide. He strives to bring light to faces unseen by means unexplored. Collaborating with brilliant minds is his endeavor.


Other names he has been fortunate enough to work with include Saturday Night Live, Warner Bros. Animation, Lionsgate Entertainment, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Cameras aside, Dominik loves to ski, listen to Elton John, and play competitive Pokemon on the E-Sport track. He is a graduate of Purdue University in Indiana and finds solace in its cornfields. 

Available local or abroad and ready to get started!

Dominik Gliatis filmmaking and uing BlackMagic Ursa Mini
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